Traditional family character since 1950

Robert was born in Chablis in 1906. Robert was passionate about photography and nature, nothing specifically destined him for a winemaker carreer except a strong passion for the wine. The legend became a reality when his mother Marguerite Philippon asked him to takes over the family Chablis Vineyard, in 1950.
His tenacity and consistency led him to take over the old winery and adapt the vineyards they had in the area to express all the potential of the terroir in a bottle of wine.
The wine cellar that he built himself takes place in this lovely village of La Chapelle Vaupelteigne, a village located next to Chablis.
The great passion Robert and his grand-children have for their terroir and their work allowed the winery to achieve the most ambitious international results for the high quality of its wines. Today, it is managed by the family’s third generation : Frederic Goulley.
Today, his grand-son Frederic carry on this beautiful history. Committed to preserving the environment and working sustainably with the land, Frederic has recently begun the formal organic certification process.
The success of the estate is based on the experience and knowledge of the terroir that has been passed down from generation to generation.

You will see in the photo below that Robert loved fishing !


Family tree